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(12) Life lessons learned from Grease

I caught Grease again tonight for the millionth time. It is chockfull of important morals for impressionable young teenagers. In no specific order, here are ten life lessons from the classic movie, Grease: 

1. Completely change who you are, then boys will like you (extra points if you pick up a nasty smoking habit!) They might try to change too, but that will never work! You’re the one who needs to change.

2. Drop out of school and become a beautician, even if you suck at it. Because, if you do, Frankie Avalon (or in today’s world, Justin Bieber) will come sing to you.

3. There are worse things that you could do than go with a guy or two…

4. Cars can FLY! (No really, they can!)

5. Cliques are awesome. They are even cooler when you give yourselves awesome nicknames…

6. Nerds are stupid: you can totally do mean things like pie them in the face and lift up their skirts. They don’t matter…

7. School schmool! Build cars in your spare time instead. (extra points if you name your car, double extra points if you create an iconic dance about it, triple extra points if you use stolen parts)

8. If you’re moving from a different continent, chances are very high that you will end up at the same high school as your summer fling.

9. Being part of a gang is totally cool as long as there is a meaner and tougher looking gang. Next to them you’re practically like bunnies!

10. Doody and Putzie are perfectly acceptable/non-cruel names for a child!