Two hits, 140 characters: Vengaboys


Oh my god, I have stumbled on a gem. To refresh your memory, Vengaboys are the fantastic foursome that brought us the hit tunes “We Like to Party” (aka the Six Flags theme song) and “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!” (as in: I want you in my room…) a song that was so completely inappropriate for me to sing aloud in the school hallways (but when has that ever stopped me before?). Anyways, this Twitter account basically speaks for itself.

Vengaboys (@Vengaboys) Europe’s #1 Party Act. Up & Down, We Like To Party, Boom Boom Boom, Going to Ibiza, 20 million singles, 5 million albums and still modest to the max! Location: Uranus ·

-These Vengaboys sure do have a penchant for hyperbole, now don’t they? (My 7th grade English teacher would be kvelling right now…) 20 MILLION singles?? 5 MILLION albums?? Honeys, even The Beatles don’t have 20 million singles and they are the original “Europe’s #1 Party Act” if you think about it… that brings me to…

-I don’t think that deeming yourself “Europe’s #1 Party Act” and then claiming that you’re “Still modest to max” goes hand in hand. And who still uses “To the max!” anyways, really? Watching some Saved By The Bell re-runs, are we Vengapeeps?

-You’re from Uranus?!! I can’t tell if they’re trying to be witty or just straight up copying jokes scribbled on a 6th grade boy’s notebook. The thing is, they continually refer to Uranus in their tweets (like a looooot) — and that leads me to the next part of this blog.

So, usually I just cease and desist after the Twitter description, but I simply cannot be silenced in this case. Here are the top 3 most awesome Vengaboys tweets of recent times:

1) “Hello, residents of planet Earth!! This meteor in Russia is not from Uranus… So you know!” — Hello, Vengaboys!! Thank you! We were all confusing Russia and Uranus!!

2) “The Pope Benedict XVI resigns on 28 February! We,ve been invited to perform @ the Vatican. We’re sorry no can’t do!” — Again, not sure what to make of this, but I’m assuming this cannot be real. And if it was real (which is was not) why “no can’t do??!” It’s the freaking Vatican. You always say “yes can’t do!” to the Vatican, duh.

3) “People, and other creatures, of Letterkenny, Ireland! Come see us tonight at The Pulse and party til you don’t have a pulse no more!” — Dear people and other Irish creatures. We would literally like to kill you with our “music”.

Whatever, guys, I can’t h8 on u too much. You’ve brought so much joy to this lil’ guy.



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