(13) and (14) But you’re too young to die!


On a frigid and snow-filled day in January my roommates and I decided to have a movie marathon. Well, we didn’t so much decide as get shut in by the horrific Massachusetts snow. I had recently “won” eight DVDs in a silent auction at my Sorority’s national convention. While other girls bid on bedazzled Swarovski unicorns and lettered apparel, I was drawn to a pile of ultimate chick flicks. It included every movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, minus the good one about old people (The Notebook) and the bad one about old people (Nights with Harrison Ford? Maybe? Richard Gere…Yes, definitely Gere…in Rodanthe.) It also had Wedding Crashers, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and for a reason I can’t quite fathom: Footloose. Don’t get me wrong, I’m down with Kevin Bacon. It was just a “one of these things is not like the others” kind of moment.

Sidenote: Remember this? I’m pretty sure that it teaches children intolerance…If someone is not like you, make sure you have a fancy musical number that points it out to everyone else.

Anyways, I have a point, I promise (Legally Blonde, anyone?) The point is: on that freezing day we decided to warm our cold cold hearts with some tearjerkers: A Walk to Remember and Sisterhood. By tearjerker, I mean Jen bawling inconsolably, holding a box of tissues, and Kerry wondering how she was possibly friends with such a freak. (Really Kerry is just heartless apparently… we watched not ONE but TWO young girls die of Leukemia for crying out loud.)

This brings me to today… a lazy sunday (wake up in the late afternoon…) I clung to the final pages of the newly released fifth Sisterhood book, my face a mess with tears. I declared it a movie day with my mom, and after some classic Leave it to Beaver, she opted for Walk to Remember over the other on-TV option: Mrs. Doubtfire. We chose tears over crossdressing. Shane West over Robin Williams. Once that was over, I decided to recreate that January day in the sweltering June weather. I convinced Mom to watch Sisterhood with me too… warning her that she was about to watch a very similar movie.

Now, at face value, the two movies don’t seem to have that much in common. One is about four teens who worship a pair of jeans, one is about a teen who worships…god. One is about teen angst and friendship and love and changing your opinion about someone and forbidden romance. Wait, which one is which? You can’t tell, can you?

But the major overlap is in the movies’ matching Leukemia storylines. When young people get cancer and die it is heart-wrenchingly sad. Trust me. I will cry every single time, no matter how horrible the film. In real life it is absolutely devastating, in film life it is a really convenient way to manipulate weepers like me into sobbing.

Jamie (Walk to Remember) and Bailey (Sisterhood) have so much in common, that I genuinely felt I was watching the same movie. “They already worked their magic… they brought me to you” “You’re my angel” “She had her miracle…it was you.”

OMG so, Landon/Tibby totally didn’t like Jamie/Bailey at first. In fact they found her super annoying and basically really lame. Jamie with her SWEATERS  and Bailey with her BEING 12 AND SHIT…As time goes by, they start to like…then love… Jamie/Bailey, only to find out that Jamie/Bailey will die in approximately 32 minutes of film, at the precise moment where it makes dramatic sense. But don’t worry Jamie/Bailey will make sure Landon/Tibby knows that he/she is A MIRACLE. Oh no! Jamie/Bailey is gone, but Landon/Tibby is changed…forever…

I’m sure the same could be said for lots of movies, but these were the two I happened to watch together on two different occasions. What can I say? I’m a sucker for formula.

Other quick observations about both movies:

They both have a weepy Father/Child reunion scene…but the one in Walk to Remember gets me every time.

I really like the editing in Sisterhood, how it transitions from different scenes of running or soccer with extreme fluidity that you almost can’t tell where one scene ends and the next begins. Ditto the soundtrack… It’s actually a very well-made and well-acted movie, which is why it was reviewed very well.

Anyways that was my Sunday Funday to start off a week of movies!

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